Friday, October 31, 2008

A Highly Hallowed Evening

We had our biggest turnout yet by striking fear into the accelerated beating hearts of no less than 60 young souls. Take a little tour of their journey up the driveway:

The graveyard:

When lacking in coffins, simply improvise:

Seriously, this guy still scares the hell out of me and this year we added to his creepy factor by putting a strobe on him:

The bubble-fogger had its trial run this year and was a unanimous success. Blowing the fog into bubbles only to let loose once the bubbles pop.....whoever came up with this idea is a freakin' genius:

We can't have anyone getting lost, now can we:

The final approach:

This lovely fellow kindly lights the way (you should see the giant wolf spider that has set up shop in this guy's sleeve *shutter*):

Another new addition this year, more giant spiders, but this one's animatronic:

Every Halloween calls for at least one witch brooding over her brew:

A brief flash into my future:

Some of the best stuff was inside this year. Who knew a balloon and cheese cloth could be so creepy?:

This reaper is actually a smoker, but he took a dive a few days ago and the top of his head crumbled into pieces. I have some rebuilding still to do, but when you put cone incense inside him the smoke comes out of the hollow face, it's super cool:

I came up with a great way to use those permanent pumpkins - lampshade!:


Good night sweet Doppelganger, until next year.....


mimiscraps said...

YEA! PICTURES!! These are awsome! We're did you get them!! Do you have some of everyone's costumes?! SEND ME SOME! LOL! I love you miss you and REALLy wish I could have been there this yar! I LOVE the Spider and the lighted tree! You're so cute!

Heidi said...

Wow, that is a thing of beauty - you guys really do Halloween right, good job. I only wish I could have been there to trick or treat.

Watson World said...

Your house looks incredible. I dont' even want to think of how much you spent on decorations.