Sunday, October 7, 2012

Little Mia McDonald

I haven't posted anything in two years primarily because Facebook has dominated my time spent cataloging my day to day life. Even having my first beautiful little baby just 12 weeks ago didn't get me back on here yet. Of course, that's because she has kept me exactly as busy as a brand new mom should be.

Lately though, I've been following a friend from high school's story of her little boy's CHD (congenital heart defect). Through following the efforts she makes to raise awareness about CHD's in precious little children, I learned about one family whose story has just completely broken my own heart. So, I had to write about it here so that I can always return to this as a reminder of what a blessing every fraction of each moment of this fragile life is. To remember to hold the ones I love close and cherish them dearly. And to make absolutely certain that my family also knows that if there is any part of my body that could be used in the event of my death to provide life to another, TAKE IT!

Please view the video linked below before reading on.

How a boy named Jacob gave his heart to a girl named Mia.

This is merely a tiny part of Mia's story as shared by friends of her family. 

From Ali (Oct. 3 at 8:31pm):

Things change so quickly in the heart world.

Mia, one of our heart friends and her mommy and family left yesterday for her Make-a-Wish trip to Disney World. Mia has suddenly become very ill and has been admitted to the children's hospital in Orlando.

Sweet Mia is 4 years old and had her heart transplant when she was 4 months old. The doctors have told her mommy that Mia is in rejection (meaning her new heart is very sick). She is so sick and it came on so suddenly. Please keep little Mia in your prayers. She is such a precious girl.

From Ali (Oct 3 at 9:24pm):
Here is an update from Mia's daddy:
This is John. Please everyone pray for our perfect little girl. We need a miracle and I know God loves us and hears our pleadings. Things went wrong during the procedure and Mia is hanging on with the help of the heart lung machine (ECMO). Our hearts are broken. Please pray.

From Ali (Oct 4 at 9:15pm):
Updates from Mia's parents:
Keep praying for our sweet Mia. She is in a critical time where we need to see brain activity. Mimi's mom is here andher sister and my parents, brother, and several of my sisters on the way. We are so grateful for the outpouring of love. She is strong and we feel your prayers. Please pray that she will open those precious eyes of hers. We love her so much!

I know John updated but I want to ad that Mia can pull through this. She is strong and she is supposed to meet her donors mom in a month. I really need for that to happen. Jessica has waited so long to meet Mia and has Mia talks about giving hugs to Jacob's mommy all the time. We need a miracle. We need her brain injuries to be minimal and her rejection to reverse. It can be done. Please don't give up on her. I truly believe the Lord will see us through. Also please pray for my other kiddos who are with my dear friend Rebecca. They need their sis to come home.

From Ali (Oct 6 at 1:27pm):
Update from a relative of Mia:
I spoke to my Dad a few minutes ago. He is in Florida now at the hospital with Mia and John & Mimi. He would like me to post an update to those praying for Mia...a neurologist/specialist will be diagnosing her in an hour or so, and meeting with John and Mimi shortly after. As John & Mimi said before...they really need Mia to open her eyes and respond to light. Based on this diagnosis, they will make a plan to stabilize her heart enough to get her off the ECMO. Their other kids have been ale to stay this week at the Disney World housing (110 miles away) that was already arranged for the family by Make-a-Wish -- friend Rebecca has been with the kids. My mom will join her soon. Make-a-Wish has also arranged for a hotel room near the hospital for family members. My Dad said that John & Mimi have felt a huge wave of support from their friends and family from has been a blessing to them to feel that. Please continue to pray for Mia's miracle.

From Ali (Oct 6 at 8:39pm):
This is an update from one of Mia's relatives:

Dear Friends and Family..........John and Mimi asked me to let everyone know the latest news on Little Mia. Today she was examined by a cardiologist to check her heart and a neurologist to check her brain activity, since she was deprivedof oxygen when her heart stopped beating a couple of days ago. It was determined that her heart had gotten a little stronger, but I'm so sad to say that there is no brain function. The doctors say there is no hope. We are absolutely devastated to lose our precious Mia. Her donor's mother is on her way to see Mia for the first time. Please please continue to pray for John and Mimi and their family to help them cope with this terrible tragedy.

From a friend of the family (Oct 6) description on YouTube video:
My college friends John and Mimi McDonald's sweet little girl Mia was born with a heart defect and received a heart transplant when she was an infant. She is now 4 years old and thanks to the miraculous gift of life and her donor, has lived a vibrant, beautiful childhood. For her Make-a-Wish, she decided that she wanted to meet Minnie Mouse. So three days ago, their family (Mia, her mom and dad and her 3 siblings) flew to Florida to visit Disney World. But as soon as their plane landed, Mia was unexpectedly rushed to the hospital. Her little miraculous heart was in dreaded and shocking rejection. The doctors did a biopsy and while doing the procedure, something went wrong and Mia was put on heart and lung bypass machiines to keep her alive, fighting for her life. Late last night, John and Mimi found out the terrible news that their precious daughter's brain function was gone and there is no hope or chance for her survival. Tomorrow they are taking her off of the bypass machines. Their sweet little family is now far away from home, loved ones, and their regular and familiar doctors. And their other kids, instead of going to Disney World have been in a hotel room and in a hospital, praying for and trying to understand what is going on with their sister, just wanting her to wake up. Those of us who know the family are in complete shock. A donation was set up to help with Mia's medical expenses. Now that we know sweet Mia will not make it and instead, will be joining her donor and returning to the arms of her Heavenly Father, the McDonald family is still going to need help with this great financial burden. Perhaps now even more than ever. Now they will have to not only pay for this hospital stay, but also cover the cost of a funeral and burial for their dear little Mia (in what is already a stressful and heartbreaking time). Please, even if you are not in a position to contribute financially, consider sharing their story with others. Every little donation and prayer will help.