Tuesday, October 7, 2008

All Hallows' Eve

There are few things I have found in this wonderful life that give me such great joy as the shrieks of terror uttered from the mouths of very small children. The only thing that makes that sound even sweeter is when the fright is delivered by my own hand (*insert vaudevillian-villain laugh here).

A large portion of my infatuation with Autumn stems from the fact that it heralds the coming of my favorite of all holidays, Halloween. I can't recall exactly when I realized that it was indeed my favorite, but the six (count 'em, six!) 31-gallon-a-piece Rubbermaid tubs it takes to store my collection of horror-inducing props and contraband have made it a clear staple of my adult life that I annually look forward to with emphatic zeal.

My serene delight with Fall as described in my last entry is quickly and undeniably overshadowed for several weeks by the sudden reappearance of my own personal and maniacal little doppelganger. No really, this is what it actually looks like:

I know! What's the deal, right?! Just trailin' behind me like it owns the place for the whole month, giddy as a schoolgirl! It faithfully retreats though come the first of every November to wait patiently for its next opportunity for brilliant re-emergence. Stay tuned to see what trouble it gets up to this year...

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mimiscraps said...

Thanks for the laughs about the oatmeal! The meds are working! Now I'm just splotty and peeling!
It's like a bad sunburn only worse! LOL!

Carl told me he wants to do up the house for Halloween any ideas?! I am not good at this stuff. I need some of your bins!! We are bummed to miss the party this year! Love ya hun!