Monday, September 1, 2008

Pure Fiction Ecstasy

4 books in 4.5 days = 1 immensely satisfied me and 1 lonely husband (sorry Dave)

Part of my occasionally falling out of mainstream craziness means that I sometimes am slow to catch up on such gems as the Twilight saga. 1:45 a.m. last night brought me blissfully to its conclusion. Once I had started, I simply couldn't stop. It was like watching a movie in my mind that I was so engrossed with that I could hardly stand to draw my attention away long enough to satisfy such frivolous needs as eating or sleeping. Even the call of nature never stopped my voracious and near maniacal propulsion forward. Sorry about that TMI moment. I devoured each page; consumed them one after the other. I never would have believed that I could breeze through 2,444 of them in just over a hundred hours and afterwards feel as though it only lasted the duration of a single beat of my heart. Even if Midnight Sun never sees the light of day in its entirety, I'll still be forever grateful. Stephenie Meyer, you are a goddess.


meg 'n' rich said...

Seriously, It is amazing what those books can do to you!! They are entirely, devastatingly addicting!!! LOVE THEM. Sorry it took you this long to catch on!!

Rich can totally sympathize with Dave. He knows all to well what it is like to be a book worm widower!!

Heidi said...

It is weird to be part of the trend, especially this Summer when the 13 year old girls I was teaching would be talking about them, but they are fun books, you can't deny that. I am almost done with 4.