Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fanatic (noun) 1. Liz Perkins

So, um, I just finished reading the complete Twilight series...again. I actually took a full week this time to get through all four books. I'm fighting within my brain very hard right now to keep from starting again...again. Being a Gemini I get into fights with myself all the time. We'll see which side wins this one. It could get ugly.


meg 'n' rich said...

Cannot even tell you how much that made me laugh. I have had the same internal battle! But I'm a Virgo, any idea what that means?

Watson World said...

You're not alone. I read the Twilight series twice and I read Harry Potter 3 times. It's kinda pathetic. By the way this is your cousin Molly, jus in case you were wondering.