Thursday, August 14, 2008

SCANDAL at the Davis County Fair!

The Perks (that's us left to right: me, Seth, Josh, Devan) totally rocked their hearts out at the Davis County Fair tonight but sadly, didn't make the cut to the final round of the Rock Band competition.

As it turned out, however, the drummer for Neff (another competitor) had to leave right after their set and their band made it through to finals. They asked me if I would be willing to play with them so they wouldn't have to disqualify out and I am always up for playing. We totally cranked out Boston's "Foreplay". Come on, Boston and a county fair crowd? Wicked awesome. The band immediately following us, however, also gave all to their song and carried away some major points. The last band to play through in the finals pretty much sucked toenails and took home less than half the points that my surrogate band received, but managed still to win the competition. I guess there are more crooked judges out there than just in Beijing. Oh believe me now my dearies...letters will be And then sent.

It was actually still a total riot and we might even go back for some more punishment tomorrow for the "Hard" level competition. Tonight's was "medium". So, there may be more to come from the Rock Band saga. We want those iPod Nano's dammit! Whoever braves the "Expert" level on Saturday (heaven help them) has the iPod Touch coming their way. Oo la la.

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