Saturday, July 12, 2008

What living in Farmington means to me, a brief essay

Here is an ailment that befalls all Farmington residents at some point or another. If any landscaping needs to be done in your yard you will soon if not immediately be stopped dead in your tracks by something like this:

A good 18" down and no sign of an end to this beast of a boulder. A commonplace issue among Farmington households. Now, with this in mind it is an unspoken but cardinal sin around these parts to actually pay for and bring rocks into this town. Ridiculous, you say? How many shovels have you broken in your yard trying to plant a mere flower, huh? Yeah, that's what I thought. On the upside, the rock is at least varied in size, shape and colors to the extent that you could build just about anything you wanted out of it. For example:

Rock walls are also pretty commonplace from the ample supply, but we like to toss in something a little more creative than that when possible, such as this:

So, we sometimes manage to squeeze some lemonade out of those bothersome lemons. We actually built all of this stuff a few years ago but have only this weekend started to dig through all of the overgrowth that creeps back in every year. Good stuff.


meg & rich said...

Hey Liz!
Totally feel your pain on the rock situation. We've run into that soo many times too! Hate it!

Your yard looks awesome! I Love it when hard work pays off!

Hey are you gonna go see Music Man in Woodland this week?

mimiscraps said...

LOL! We don't have rocks in Arizona!LOL! Only dirt! And lots of brown grass. We just got our green! Maybe because it floods when it rains. But we do have lemons! Want some?!When are you coming down anyway?!

mimiscraps said...

p.s. btw GOOD WORK! it's nice to see pics of the yard!!

LJ said...

sounds like things are well for you. :) Hope you are still singing! Most amazing voice at East!
Hope to see you next month!