Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Aren't you supposed to have kids first, THEN get the minivan?

Well, okay, so I've never been one to hold to convention for too long so I've done it yet again. No babies will be on board this great white beastie for a while yet though. Over the last few years when I would see commercials for minivans I would get so aggravated and say things like, "Why do they put all the cool features and stuff in stupid, dumb, kid-toting, soccer-mom, stupid minivans?!?" Of course, when faced with purchasing a car again for the first time in 10 years it felt like having to go on a first date knowing I had to get married at the end of the day. I finally just had to realize that what I hated about minivans was the stereotype, not the minivan. And hey, what the hell do I care about what other people think (or even what I thought yesterday)? This experience has gotten me saying, "Eh, I'm over it" quite a bit lately. I wouldn't so much say that I'm light on convictions or anything like that. It's simply that I am getting to the age where it's easier for me to see just how ridiculous some of my "stances" can get. So, the bottom line is that I LOVE my new (well, used but new to me :) car and I get to be twinners with Angela.


meg & rich said...

Okay, so I totally agree with you on the "minivans having all of the cool features" thing. I'm glad you got new wheels!! Stay away from crazy teenage girls and intersections!! Love ya!

Heidi said...

Thanks for the encouraging words about my blog - for enjoying my rat story.
Congrats on your van - now you can add the kids - I wonder which one of us will pop one out first?
Are you gonna be in Southern Cali. soon? Let me know, I have a couple sick days to use, I could meet you in the O.C.
(okay, this is less a comment and more a full length email - oh well)

mimiscraps said...

Since when did Shea and Angel get a mini van?!! hello?! Boy is what the heck are ya all doin up there?! Havin babies and buying mini vans?! maybe that's what we're doing wrong! LOL!! Love ya lizzie! Hope all is good with you! ps. I swear right here right now, I will NEVER own a mini van!

Drew said...

We don't have babies yet, but we have a Volvo Cross Country station wagon. It has two jump seats in the cargo area so we have enough seats for 7, and the back bench seats can be converted into booster seats in just a few seconds. So, if you like it, get it. I think Get Shorty made mini vans cool.

liz0622 said...

Liz Singley, I logged on to the class of 98 website and saw your blog. Just thought I'd see what you wer up to. Glad you are doing well. Will you be going to the reunion?
, Liz Whitchurch Strong