Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fare thee well, Olowahu. May you rest in pieces.

My Olowahu Tevas - the most comfortable shoes on the planet - have finally been laid to rest.

The straps had begun to come loose, but I just tied them back onto the straps that still held. That hole finally wore through the woefully thin soles on a trip to Disneyland where these valiant shoes were put through their paces by hauling my butt over miles and miles of that concrete, theme park jungle. You can even make out the exact shape of every inch of my feet these sandals lovingly cradled.


We had some great times together and I was very sad to see their passing.
Fortunately, this wonderful creation of Teva's can still be found through the wonderful world wide web. Another Hallelujah moment to rival my discovery of caffeine free Diet Coke:

The Teva Olowahu Sandal in
Little Bay Gold

These are some VERY happy feet.


Kelly said...

I am that way with shoes..once I get a style or type that like my feet I go back to them again and again.

Anonymous said...

farewell olowahu. lol. ur so funny. but way cool that you found a replacement. and yeah girl...them shoes was to' up!!

mimiscraps said...

I LOVE the new pair! Happy feet are good thing!

luckyboy22 said...

Man, another weird coincidence. My favorite sandals by far are also Hawaiian. They're these $5 cheapies from the ABC stores over there and I have anyone who goes to Hawaii pick me up a pair. Just wore mine all over Disneyland too!

anseliz said...

Yes, shoes and bowls are my weakness. Or, well, just a few of them anyway. My vast shoe collection, however, becomes grossly neglected during the warmer Utah months because of these sandals.

liz0622 said...

I love teva flip flops too. They are the most comfortable shoes I own. I finally decided to share the love and bought some for ken and now he's addicted. Hope to see you some time.