Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bitty Babies Everywhere!

'Tis the season for many new babies to come into the world. My oldest brother's family just welcomed the beautiful Samantha Skye Schott on the 9th of this month:

Then, the next brother down the line is expecting another boy the day after my birthday this May. And then even the NEXT brother down the line will bring another little girl into the family in just a few more weeks. Oh, it doesn't end there! One of my dearest, and newest friends (Hi, Meg!) only has about six weeks left before boy number 4 comes along! Finally, I just learned this morning that another absolutely dear friend of mine growing up (Hi, Liz!) is expecting another little one this August. Now, this note goes directly out to Heidi (Kait too, for that matter) whenever she makes it over to my blog again: If you get pregnant before me, given, I'll squeal with delight, but I also might pitch a fit. Oh no, not a fit?! Oh yes, a fit.

Don't get me wrong, anyone, I'm not at all baby crazy and we are not planning anything just yet or ever (don't take me too seriously on that second part). These things just always seem to come in waves and when I started doing a head count I got a tad dizzy. Of course, it may just be that I'm finally "that age". You know, the age where everyone you know has or is starting to have kids so it's inevitable that there's going to be crossover. It has just been crazy to have THREE of my sisters-in-law pregnant at the same time!

I'm pretty sure that our kids are hanging around in pre-existence, if you believe in such things, which I do...anyway, they're hanging around rolling their eyes at me and Dave just waiting for us to get our shit together. Yes, eliminating indiscriminate cursing will probably be that last thing to go. That really is the least of my concerns involved with bringing a new person into this earthly life. I won't go into my hesitations, but they are many. So, I want to send a collective congratulations out to those I've mentioned and all other expectant families out there in the world. You are more courageous than I.


meg 'n' rich said...

Ha! I love that I got a mention here!! I here you on the amazing amount of babes that are on they're way right now. My sister just had a baby girl on Sat. And the are about a zillion other women in my neighborhood that are prego right now too! (one of them with triplets!!!)
I'm getting a little anxious for you to jump on the band wagon. I mean, no pressure, but come on! You guys are gonna have some awesome kids with some incredible parents!!! But like I said, no pressure. Well... maybe just a little pressure. ;)

Christy said...

Whoa! Babies, babies, babies! You wouldn't be referring to Liz Whitchurch, would you (I hope you say yes)? I need that girls email address! Please pass it on via facebook if you've got it.

Heidi said...

Lizzy - I do hope to be pregnant soon! We gotta get on the baby-train already. We're trying...you better keep up! Keeping in mind, of course, we will never catch up to most of our contemporaries at this point, but we'll be beautiful first time moms in our 30's...hopfully.

I responded to your post on my blog, fyi. Oh, politics!!!

Heidi said...

That should say hopefully, not hopfully. Full of hope, not hops.

Drew said...

To add to the baby boom-let of the Davidson Descendents, you know that Toria just had her third(second boy) on Feb. 1st, they named him Canyon. And Suzanne and I will have our first on July 1st. We find out on Friday what we're going to be having.

Anonymous said...

hehehe....Aunty Liz. I personally would love to see Little Liz's running around.