Thursday, November 20, 2008

And now for something completely different

I call this piece: Infanity

I really was starting to get better; recovering from my temporary and involuntary obsession. Over the last two and a half months since I discovered the Twilight universe I read all four books four times. I did slide two other completely NON-fiction books in there during that time too, so don't get too worried about my mental well-being. I'll check off my fifth reading of Twilight later today as I wait in line for the movie.

I came incredibly close to seeing a midnight showing last night in Syracuse, but since I already have my two tickets pictured above for tonight and tomorrow afternoon plus one more scheduled show on Saturday I figured that I could be patient for one more day.


mimiscraps said...

LOL! I am sure you will tell us what you thought of it! I tried to call you but got your message machine that must be why! LOL! Thanks for the photos! LOVE YOU!

liz0622 said...

I've seen it twice and loved it. I even dragged Ken with me once and he said he liked it. I feel a little obsessed myself. Do you have the soundtrack?, because we also love that.