Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Maybe this is why I keep forgetting stuff:

It just seems like I have to get a good knock to the head at somewhat regular intervals in my life. Why that is exactly is far too philosophical a question for me to dare touch, but the fact does remain that I seem to have a knack for getting clocked. Here is the latest one from 4:30 this afternoon:

I've gotta say that climbing out of the window of a car is not something I would recommend.


mimiscraps said...

Hey Lizzie I found the link.
If you want I can do banners and all sorts of stuff but I am glad you have a blog. I will add your link on my blog as well.
Here's mine again if you need it!
I am glad you are okay!

meg & rich said...

WHAT THE $%#@%^&*!!! Are you serious! Are you okay?! Sheesh!