Friday, April 25, 2008

Nunsense, Absolute Nunsense!

I have missed the stage so much and finally woke up to the bare-knuckles fact that I did indeed have the time and energy to put into it. The last time I performed for an audience other than for weddings and funerals was all the way back in the Fall of 1997 when I played Audrey in our high school production of "Little Shop of Horrors". The Farmington, Utah Community Arts Center announced in the February newsletter that arrives in the envelope with our city utility bill (can't you just feel the excitement building?) that auditions were coming up for their annual dinner theater production and that 2008's selection would be the musical comedy, "Nunsense". Whew!

Of course I had to audition! I mean, come on, a chance to dress-up in sacred religious garb and act positively irreverent? Where do I sign? Actually, the author wrote the musical based on real nuns he knew. I couldn't find where I read the story about it online though.

Rehearsals have been a bit ridiculous, but still fun. Our director is just a kid (she's 19), our Mother Superior (who has by FAR the most lines in the show) has never performed in a play before and we have only had time to run through everything once before we start dress rehearsals (which are next week)! Sweet Holy Moses! But hey, that's the thrilling fear that comes from doing local community theater, eh? You just never know what to expect.

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Heidi said...

The long awaited return to the stage. . . how I long to see my little Lizzie piping out those show tunes again. (I still want to see you do Funny Girl some day - I'll direct you.)